A happy ending in 118 Episodes serial Filipino Drama Lobo (She -Wolf the Last Sentinel)

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Episode 118 (Final Episode)

Noah challenged Anton in a one on one combat without using his powers, the two engaged in a fierce battle but Anton didn’t kept his word and starts to use his fire. Lyka made an attempt to fool Anton but it didn’t work out. In retaliation, Anton hurled a cluster of flames to Noah’s body. While Anton is smothering Lyka, Noah grabbed his knife and positions himself to stab Anton. After stabbing him a couple of times, Lyka and Noah thought that Anton dead. Anton grab his pistol and shot them, Noah shielded Lyka from the bullet and was fatally wounded at the chest.

With Noah gone, Lyka decided to kill herself, but before dying, Lyka called upon the stone of Remus inside Anton’s body. The stone still recognizes Lyka as its owner; it went out of Anton’s body. Anton’s was obliterated because only the last guard can withstand its fire. Both of them seemed to have died but since the stone of Remus had the power to heal, both of them will have a happy ending.

During Nessa and Rodolfo’s wedding, Lyka and Noah came in late with Lyka conceiving their first baby. A year later, the couple is shown strolling their first born twins at the park – The END.

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